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Tawa Egg-Paneer Bhurji

Tawa is a large flat frying pan being used for cooking on the streets in India. I used a tawa to make this bhurji today.

I love making egg bhurji for brunch when I sleep in. Today I woke up and found only three eggs in the fridge. Opened the freezer and found black bean burgers and a pack of paneer.

I've had paneer bhurji in restaurants, but never made it at home. I kind of combined both (paneer and eggs) and it turned out amazing!

EggsOnion, choppedGreen/red pepper, choppedGreen chiliGaram masalaRed chili powderTurmericSaltCilantro

1. Add 1 tablespoon olive oil in a flat pan. Saute the onions and green/red pepper for 3-4 minutes. Add green chili. 
2. In a bowl, beat the eggs until blended. Add 1 teaspoon garam masala, 1/2 teaspoon red chili powder, 1/8 teaspoon turmeric, salt to taste. 
3. In a separate, bowl scramble paneer and above spices. Garnish with cilantro.
4. Add the paneer and egg mix to the pan and scramble. 
Have it with the bread of choice  or by itself!

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